A Lovely example of re-purposing

Art represents – realistically, abstractly, metaphorically or whatever. While my photos are often representational, I am also preoccupied with re-purposing existing objects, spaces, etc. to render their less obvious meanings Here is a link to Julia Feld, an artist who has re-purposed abandoned books in such a way that each one is re-born, transcending its original form while giving us a different insight into its content and meaning: www.hokeystokes.blogspot.com


2 responses to “A Lovely example of re-purposing

  1. Great link, Dad. It reminds me of another artist. He did the artwork for a band I like (The Born Ruffian’s album “Red Yellow and Blue” and here’s his work. I couldn’t find the album art on his site, but this link gives you a sense of what he does.

    I hope that code works.

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