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Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso, city of street artists



River Work

What is that guy doing in that river?  Building a fish trap?  A spirit catcher, maybe? Image

Photo above  links to a Flickr set I took.  I could work for days on a sculpture and, in the end, be less true than this man’s work emerging piece after piece over a couple of hours from the river’s rocks, his hands and his spirit.

For more of his river work, check out this post on Blog T.O

Muskoka – Taboo Resort


Muskoka – Taboo Resort, a set on Flickr.

North of Toronto about 2 hours by highway (on a good winter day), the summer vacation area of Muskoka has a special attraction in winter too.
Travelling on x-country skis, I explored a golf course in it’s winter rest. The sand traps have become snow traps where fantastical forms wrap and transform the contours. The fairways become canvases for the sun and bare trees to paint an ever-shifting abstract pattern.

Tomato in the rain


Tomato in the rain, a set on Flickr.

Spring, hot and rain
Summer, cool and rain
September tomato in the rain,
Waiting for the sun,
Waiting for some one
To take him home

Disney Concert Hall – a Frank Gehry job – LA

Flickr ‘faved’ my shot of this hall in L.A. – that’s a compliment!

Monarch’s Garden


Monarch’s Garden, a set on Flickr.

Heading south, the Monarch’s enjoy a snack in our garden before crossing Lake Ontario


White King

White King-8053152

White King

White King on Flickr, the second photo set of my sculptures inspired by Chess