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Muskoka – Taboo Resort


Muskoka – Taboo Resort, a set on Flickr.

North of Toronto about 2 hours by highway (on a good winter day), the summer vacation area of Muskoka has a special attraction in winter too.
Travelling on x-country skis, I explored a golf course in it’s winter rest. The sand traps have become snow traps where fantastical forms wrap and transform the contours. The fairways become canvases for the sun and bare trees to paint an ever-shifting abstract pattern.


Cars and Bikes, Canada Day weekend, Kincardine

Kevin's Harley

Cars & Bikes on flickr

Tuscany dawn

Tuscany dawn a video by watershed96 on Flickr.

Summer, dawn. Wild creatures are plentiful in this country rich with human history. Olive groves and vineyards are here in plenty, but so are rambling woods, interconnected and harboring deer, birds, and many small animals indigenous to the land.
Tuscany has also nurtured art and craft in many forms. I came with my camera, others have come to cook, to practice ceramics, painting, sculpture etc. The ambiance seems to inspire.

Bowron Lakes 2010

From the time I landed to the day we launched our canoes in the Bowron Lakes a week later, blue haze and acrid smell of forest fire was a constant shadow.  Then rain fell for the first time in weeks, the temperature dropped dramatically from August burning to autumnal chill – and stayed there.  Each day was a play in 5 or 6 acts, alternating clear skies and the drama of mountains with the claustrophobia of squall and mists.  It was our drama, and we acted our parts with humour, persistence, some sighs but many laughs.  This and other pictures from that time are on the page ‘Our place in nature‘.

young man playing fiddle stands at shore of wilderness lake

duet with lake

Happiness is …

… having a picture included in an exhibit.  In this case, it’s the 16th Annual Eco Art & Media Festival, based out of the Wild Garden Media Center in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.  It is a privilege to be included.  My contribution is ‘Knowing the Way’ an image I captured up by Kincardine Ontario near the shores of Lake Huron.  Here it is:

Canada Geese flying north over a windvane

Knowing the Way: science may explain, but spirit understands